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Looking forward to Summer

As the leaves start to fall from the trees and the mornings become cool and misty

it feels like only a short time ago we were waiting for the fresh new growth of Spring. This year seems to have flown by and that's been mainly due to us having been so busy with the day to day running of Mill Farm. Whether with changeovers, meeting new guests, alpaca experiences, or general maintenance...We're always busy with something and the changing seasons bring new tasks and new views.

Our beautiful lake has begun its preparations for Winter and the water lilies, which seem to be more spectacular every year, have finished flowering...Now they begin to sink beneath the surface where they will hibernate in the depths, away from the Winter chill, until the warming waters of Springtime coax them to rise once more into the sunshine. The weed in the lake also slows its growth at this time of year, which is good as it gives us the opportunity to get a head start on clearing more of it ready for next year.

As if to compensate for the flowers fading in the borders the skies put on a dramatic show...With stunning pink sunrises and glorious red sunsets, these, coupled with the fiery Autumn leaves provide a last burst of colour before the cleansing Winter whiteness of frost and snow descends.

There are still memories of Summer to be had though and in a sheltered corner when the Autumn sun shines you can close your eyes and feel the warming glow on your skin as you conjure up memories of lazy days lounging by the water, or paddling on the shoreline with your toes in the sand. It's these memories that keep us going through the long Winter months and having them to look back on and a break to look forward to means that you can embrace the chilly days ahead, knowing that it won't be long before the fresh new growth of Spring and the freedom of long warm Summer days are with us once again.

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