Alpaca Experience

Guests Alpaca Experience

As well as watching the boys playing in their fields, your Devon holiday includes a complimentary alpaca experience. So you can get up close and personal with the alpacas as you hand feed them, and there will of course be lots of opportunities for selfies too!

(Please see your welcome pack on arrival, for details) 

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Alpaca Experience

Alpacas-Without the Walking!

Private alpaca meet and treat experience at Mill Farm Devon, on the North Devon-Cornwall border.

Duration 45-60 mins. No age restrictions but we do require at least 1 adult per 3 children. Max 6 persons. (More guests by arrangement, please contact us for details).

Don't fancy trekking?.. Why not spend some time relaxing with our friendly herd of loveable alpacas in their comfy, rustic barn. Perfect for those with mobility issues, or those too young for trekking.

(Short 20 meter walk from parking to animals), 

You'll have our gorgeous alpacas all to yourselves for up to an hour. Hand-feed them with the treats provided and they'll be your new best friends.

(Feeding bowls provided if preferred).

There'll also be lots of opportunities for selfies too!

With plenty of rustic seating, you can relax in the calming company of these delightful creatures as we tell you all about them.

Alpacas are very gentle and after a quick safety chat, you can choose whether to stay behind a barrier, or sit in with the alpacas. (It is not appropriate for very young children to be in with the alpacas behind the barrier).

We also have Guinea pigs sharing the alpaca barn and they're perfect for those who like smaller furry critters. 

Adding to the rural experience are amazing views out over the Devon countryside,  plus there's even a fabulous country pub in the village square, just a 1 min drive away!

Most of the experience is suitable for all age groups, however it is not appropriate for small children to be behind the barrier and directly in with the alpacas. Alpacas are gentle creatures but as with any animal, they can be unpredictable and the safety of our visitors and our alpacas is paramount. Alpacas can kick and spit if provoked. 

Children must be accompanied by at least one adult per three children.
Sensible footwear required for field/barn environment.
Parking provided for 2 cars maximum.
Hand washing facilities on site.
No toilet facilities. (There is a public convenience in the village 1 minutes drive away).

We regret no dogs on site due to livestock.

Booking calendar for visitors only

Guests staying at Mill Farm receive a complimentary alpaca experience. Please see your welcome pack on arrival for details.