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Fishing in the stunning, spring-fed lake is exclusively for guests staying at Mill Farm and the fish are in great condition. The lake is well stocked with a selection of breeds, including several species of Carp, (Old English, Common, Linear and Ghost), plus Roach, Rudd, Bream and Perch.

There are two purpose built decks to fish from and you'll find a couple of landing nets and an unhooking mat hanging in the lakeside seat by the far deck for you to use if you need them.

Then, once you're set up, and in between bites, you can sit back and relax whilst watch the playful alpacas grazing in their fields, or the barn swallows swooping down for a drink.

We do allow night fishing, provided there is no disruption to other guests, but we don't allow wading or fishing from a boat. Barbless hooks only please and catch and return with no keep nets.

Please use the disinfectant provided on all fishing gear.

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