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Tom Holland and Mill Farm!.. And is Winter over yet?

I don't know about you but I'm fed up with all this relentless wind and rain and I can't blooming wait for Spring. I have noticed a few signs that it's on its way, with the daffodils that we planted at the end of last year just starting to open and the odd bit of blossom coming out on the cherry trees,. But it just feels like Winter has outstayed its welcome.

We've also had a few wintry dramas that haven't helped. Including when Bailey got onto the surface of the frozen lake and fell through the ice! Thankfully, because he regularly gets in to weed it, Neil knew the depth of the water and managed to rescue her...Fortunately, she'd gone through in a shallow area. I don't like to think what might have happened otherwise.

Then, a few days later we had more stress with a burst pipe in Otter Cottage. Luckily we spotted it quickly and Neil, as resident handy man, soon sorted it. So that could have been far worse than it was.

We have had some good times too though and it was Neil's birthday at the beginning of February. So we went out for lunch and an explore along the coast. We found an amazing winding and extremely steep road that opened up to some stunning vistas out over the sea. We even found a tucked away sandy cove to stroll on and we'll definitely be revisiting in the warmer weather.

Thankfully, the sunny days are starting to become more frequent and yesterday was just the tonic we needed. It was beautiful sunshine all day and we were lovely and warm working in short sleeves. I even managed to give the lodge lawns their first cut of the year and it smelt amazing...Why does cut grass smell so good?

We've been using the alpacas to keep our own lawn in check, but we do have to sit out and keep an eye on them as they'd happily munch their way through our plants too...Our roses got a severe alpaca pruning last year. They also have a habit of walking through woody shrubs to scratch any itches they might have, with no regard for the consequences...Fluffy little blighters!

It's not all just about us and the alpacas though, as excitingly, we have news about a collaboration with The Real Tom Holland Butchers...Our son...Nothing to do with the actor ;)

Tom has recently started his own butchery and we've been helping him to taste test the produce. It's been hard work but we were happy to help. Especially as we've had delicious steak burgers, sausages and home smoked bacon to try.

The good news is we can confirm that everything is mouth-wateringly tasty and conveniently our guests will be able to order his brilliant BBQ and breakfast packs!.. Who doesn't enjoy a cooked brekkie and a BBQ on holiday?

So I'll leave you with happy thoughts of warming sunshine, the scent of freshly cut grass mixed with the wonderful aromas of the perfect BBQ and of course the stunning views over the lake at Mill Farm.

Gill x

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