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There’s so much wildlife!

Sometimes it’s very hard to get on with jobs here at Mill Farm without being distracted by the abundant wildlife.

On a typical day there will be buzzards soaring overhead, and occasionally swooping in low. The moorhens potter on the lake and visiting Canada geese noisily land and squabble amongst themselves before settling down on one of the islands.

Below the surface of the lake carp play among the lily pads and shoals of roach swim back and forth, whilst the dragonflies flit around above.

The elegant Heron often pops by for breakfast, fortunately there are plenty of fish in the lake, with many that would be far too big for him anyway.

If I take the time to sit by the lakeside and watch for a moment, I’m generally rewarded by the sight of our resident kingfisher, showing off with a flash of blue, as he darts into the lower lake and returns to his perch with supper, and if I’m very still, occasionally a roe deer will venture from the woodland across the river looking for tasty plants to nibble.

Just recently I managed to film an obliging hedgehog, who gradually made his way around the lake looking for slugs and snails, which being a keen gardener, I totally approve of.

Of course once all the work for the day is done, and distractions are allowed, sitting watching the barn swallows expertly skimming the lake for insects is the ultimate in relaxation.

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