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Fish Therapy

If you're seeking total relaxation during your stay, then we can thoroughly recommend a stroll around our lake to one of the fishing jetties. Even if fishing isn't your thing, you can take a box of fish food from the nearby Riverside Retreat, throw in some pellets and watch the surface of the water come to life with a mass of fish, big and small.

They're used to being fed, and sometimes merely walking out onto the decking will alert them to the possibility of food and they'll start to home in on you. (Some of the larger fish create quite a bow wave as they approach, and it's hard not to hear the Jaws music in your head).

First to arrive are the smaller Roach and Rudd and they swiftly dart to the surface, grab a snack and then disappear with a splash. Then, not far behind are the much

larger carp. We have several species including mirror, common and ghost, and they are like sedate hoovers, effortlessly rising to the surface, mouth open, ready to scoop up the pellets.

There's something almost hypnotic about the whole exeperience and coupled with the gentle sounds of the river behind you, the chirping birds in the trees and the view of the playful alpacas in their fields, it's easy to while away the hours and feel lost in the moment... Something we all need once in a while.

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