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Bursting into life

Happy Easter to you all and isn't Spring a fabulous time of year! You really notice the Seasons here at Mill Farm and over the past couple of weeks we have seen the plants and trees starting to burst into life. The daffodils are bringing their own sunshine and the cherry blossom is just peeping through, along with the fresh lime green leaves.

The fish in the lake are very active and you'll often hear a 'splosh' as one leaps out of the water, and the geese are nesting on one of the islands. I can't believe it was a year ago that we rescued little Ryan gosling. (See my past blog for that story).

Our guests have all been out enjoying the grounds and the weather has been kind with plenty of sunshine, perfect for trips to the beach and making use of the ever popular campfire site. The alpacas have also been making the most of it too, with lots of sunbathing. (It's a bit disconcerting when they sunbathe, as they lay flat out in the field and look like they're dead! We watch closely to wait for an ear twitch so that we know they're ok!)

We've also been enjoying the sun and we had a lovely day out at Polzeath beach which was just beautiful and the ice cream there was good too!

As well as the usual grounds keeping this year, like pruning the trees in the orchard, we've also been busy planting some more trees around the lake. We wanted to give better cover for the myriad of wildlife it attracts and we've added some trees to the campfire field too. We've also sown lots of wildflower seeds and hopefully they'll be a fabulous show of colour for all our guests this year to enjoy!

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