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Springing into life

The beautiful lake here at Mill Farm is a stunning centerpiece and the best thing about it is that it's ever changing. With each season the foliage in and around the lake comes and goes and it's home to an abundance of wildlife.

As I stroll along the lakeside path this morning I notice the pale pink blossom has started to appear on the cherry trees and the water lilies have begun rising to the surface, beckoned by the warmth of the sun.

On close inspection of the water's edge, I can see hundreds of tadpoles busily swimming among the weed, where the water is still and warmer. It won't be long before they have grown into tiny, perfect replicas of their parents, hopping about and doing their bit for the lake's ecosystem.

At this time of year the lake bursts into life and as the fresh, lime green leaves start to unfurl on the overhanging branches, moorhens scoot around under their cover. This year geese have also decided to stay on the lake and there is a nest on one of the islands. With luck, it won't be long before we will have several fluffy goslings, paddling about and bringing even more life to the water.

The wonderful thing about nature is that there is always balance and with all that activity, there is also serenity.

The bright blue sky and fluffy white clouds are so perfectly reflected in the still, glassy water that it is mesmerizing, and coupled with the subtle scent of daffodils and the gentle tinkling of the river beyond the trees, it would be easy to relax here all day.

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