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Fluffy new arrivals!

Our gorgeous, fluffy alpacas have always been very popular but they now have some serious competion in the form of six cute and curly guinea pigs!

We didn't intend to get six but they were all in need of rehoming and we just couldn't see such a lovely little family separated. They are all girls and as we get to know them we will give them suitable names, (suggestions welcome).

They currently have a cosy home in the alpaca barn, in their spacious two-storey hutch and the alpacas seem to have taken to them very well. Maybe it's because they all originate from South America.

They also enjoy time on the lawn in their run, but we will be building them an enclosure where our guests will be able to watch their daily antics, as they really are fascinating little creatures. I'm going to work on Neil to see if he will build them a guinea-pig-sized Chateau.

( But don't tell him yet!)

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