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Failures, Feathers, Family and Fulfilment

Updated: Jun 29, 2023

Like much of the country we've had very little rain and the wildflower seeds that we sowed up by the alpaca barn and on the driveway have been a total failure, with just one little plant flowering. Luckily though, our beautiful lake is spring fed and even during the drought last year it stayed topped up and looking as stunning as always. So it has remained a haven for wildlife and we've had plenty of encounters, especially with birds.

We had a swallow in the dining room, (which left us a couple of presents), and a trapped one in the barn...Both of which we managed to free. There was also a stunned Mistle Thrush that we watched over until it regained its composure...Plus we captured some footage of a graceful barn owl hunting in the Campfire field...So do remember to bring your cameras when you visit! Especially as we regularly see the amazing Kingfishers darting along the lake too!

We've also had a lovely time with family visiting and that's always a great excuse to head down the beach for some R&R. We're blessed to have several fabulous beaches nearby and spending the evening strolling on the sand, listening to the gentle swish of the waves as we searched the rock pools for wildlife was idyllic.

It also gave us the excuse, (like we needed one), to sample the local restaurants and enjoy a traditional Cream Tea, or two!

There have also been lots of lovely guests staying over the past months, and several of them have enjoyed fishing in the lake. It's exciting for us to see what they catch and there have been a few really good sized Carp and Roach recently...And of course the Big One that got away!

We've also enjoyed chatting with guests while they meet our alpacas and it's always gratifying to see Mill Farm through other people's eyes and to hear that we've created a wonderful place to stay. So far this year we've been asked by guests where we got our mattresses and pillows, as they've never had such a good night's sleep!.. And several guests have said that our lodges are so well-equipped and comfortable that they could quite happily live here! It probably helps that our wonderful village, with shops and village pub, is just a short stroll away too!

It's also very rewarding when guests tell you that they have had a wonderfully relaxing holiday and that it was just what they needed...Because helping people to find some time for themselves in their otherwise hectic lives is the most satisfying part of what we do, and it's really what Mill Farm is all about.

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